Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead ?


Waking up your friend the morning after a sleepover

When people are talking shit about you

'Yes, we can have pizza for dinner'

When your friends are gonna do something fun and you’re not invited


You see these people? 
These seemingly perfect humans? 
That always seem so happy? 

Well, just like us… They have baggage. They all feel sad sometimes.

They have dealt with the same things we deal with everyday. In fact, some of them still deal with it.
What I love about YouTube is it’s a family. The community will let you in and accept you for who you are. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or etc. YouTube will always be there. YouTubers especially. 
The YouTubers make YouTube what it is. They all relate to one another and their fans because nothing is fake. Unlike reality or regular T.V shows and celebrities today, nothing is scripted. Everything is real and raw. YouTubers and YouTube in general never stop making me smile. I love the community (and fanbase). 
Lately, no one has taken the time to appreciate YouTube and it’s true value. It was time for someone to step up, so that’s exactly what I did. So thank you, YouTube. Thank you Dan, Phil, Joey, Zoe, Joe, Caspar, Tanya, Tyler, Marcus, Miranda (or Colleen), Bethany, Michelle, Grace, Hannah, Mamrie, Alfie, Jim, Connor, Finn, Jack, The Fine Bros, Anthony, Ian, Felix, Jenna, Sawyer, Ricky, Troye and anyone else I missed (There’s a lot, I named as much as possible). Thank you for making the internet a better place and giving me an alternate family. <3